Friday, August 23, 2013

Exposing Atheism

Exposing Atheism, my approach

Attention all Believers! As we all know Atheists are a really proud group of people who keep on making claims that they are "Free Thinkers" and have a more intellect than other Believers and their list goes on blah blah blah! I have had the honours of staying here and debating Atheists for long hours and finally found out as a result of studying them personally that majority of them suffer from Depression and other Psychiatric illnesses while a few are happy by their atheistic lifestyles. I tried to recollect all their arguments and found them all using same catch up lines again and again against the Believers. Here goes the list and our answers to their logic.

1. Atheist claim that we are Free Thinkers: 
Greatest joke of the century, no they are not. To be honest majority (Read MAJORITY not all) atheists are not free thinkers, They are following a religion of Atheism in which they even have the audacity to preach same atheism to their children. Their faith includes rebuttal of God and making fun of religion and they follow it more as a religious practice.

2. Atheist claim of being honest: 
Another gigantic lie, majority of atheists are not impartial. I can bet even if their computer starts flying without any physical approach as a miracle they'll deny it calling it a hallucination, no proof is enough for them to believe God and every hypothesis against religion is worth a proof to them.

3. Atheist Cult have a love for Copy pasting:
Apparently all atheists love copy pasting. Thanks to their financers there have sprung up a few websites that propagate false propaganda like Richard Dawkins, Free Thinkers, WikiIslam, WND etc that serve as a copy paste heaven, no matter how much you'll prove them wrong by authentic narrations from Quran, Bible, Torah. They'll believe copy paste websites as they have become their Holy Books.

4. Atheist claims of winding facts down:
Atheists have a marvellous love for twisting historical facts and holy narrations to reach their point, mostly begin as Bible asks you to kill babies and Quran says earth is flat, no matter how much you'll give them exact narration, they won't agree because it is a part of their faith now.
(If any atheist wants to ask why I want to prove atheism a Religion or belief now? It's because It's a human instinct to believe religion and If you don't believe religion, you find yourself satisfied in using Atheism as a belief.

5. Atheist Disease of taking things Literally:
Yes, atheists don't seem to understand language well, eg If you'll say 'It is useless to cry over spilt milk" An ordinary or normal mind would get it as It is useless to repent on what has happened but our so called Atheist mind will comprehend it as one is Literally crying over spilt milk, ironically they read religious scriptures in same way.

6. Atheists as Grammar Nazis:
Atheists are pretty excellent at being grammar Nazi's. whenever they begin loosing an argument they try to find a typing error and then start saying bad things about your grammar to get you off the point

7. Atheists as Fake Self Proclaimed Scientists: 
No, I am not referring to all atheists but majority, and majority is all it takes. Atheists have a really good feeling to talk about Science and technology, they feel they are the champions here but when they come to know the believer they are arguing with also knows the Science, they step back and start crying,"Go talk to Astrophysicists, we are common people" If you are so common why do you bring it up in first place?

8. Why do most people become Atheists?
Since religion strongly disapproves of homosexuality, sexual pervertedness, many 
people who are sexually disorented follow atheism to fulfill their lust calling it normal and natural, but when you ask those atheists what would you have felt If your father was a homo and he wouldn't have given birth to you? They become offended and start crying for others to be polite.

9. Very Important this one
*****Where is God? Bring God here? Then I'll believe!*****
Ye oldie atheist logic, They want to see God? It's astonishing they see all his creations and still want to see Him. He is everywhere but since our atheists suffer from disease of taking things LITERALLY ask them in same tone, you do claim to have "intellect"? "Honesty"? "Truth" ask them for live documented proof of intellect, a picture of their honesty and a video of their truth? As they ask all things literally, we'll ask them in same manner now. If they say why are we asking, just tell them that if honesty, integrity, intellect is present without your 5 senses, so is our God.

10. Atheist History and Evolution:
Atheists never believe in religious history and claim prophet's fake. Ask them why do you believe history of evolution then? You believe a million years old mumbo jumbo of apes becoming humans without proof of any fossil and you don't believe 2000 years old incidents with historical beliefs and documentation? That's double standard.

11. Atheist myth of Believing humanity:
Atheists don't possess moral codes but claim to believe humanity. They follow United Nation's Charter for humanity but little do they know all charter is derived fromm 1400 to 4000 year old religious texts and orders like Bible, Torah, Hajja tul vidah. If they are Free thinkers they must be free without moral codes but they indirectly follow religion and still call it destructive!

12. Best Atheist Logic, "Get Personal":
When they can't find an answer, they'll hit your country, your profession and you personally because it is the only thing they can do and this is what they'll do underneath this post as well, but we don't care guys, we're believers and we must have a big heart to forgive them, truth really hurts you know  Take care pals and have a great day ahead.