Friday, September 23, 2011

"How to take Salman Taseer's Revenge?" (An Open letter to Salman Taseer Shaheed's family!)

(This post isn't based for any publicity! It is soul of the writer that inspired him to write this letter! And he is really longing for the late Salman Taseer's family to read it. It was written on 16th january this year and is published now with a few changes )
Perhaps 4 jan 2011 was the most sad day of my life yet when Mr Salman Taseer was brutally murdered but despite that the more sad part was the killer being cheered more around the whole country! A typical show of religious fanaticism that made everyone of us to think a lot about the mentality of our people. I'm also one of those who were great followers of late Salman Taseer, i always remember mentioning him on my tweets and he often replied me! That was much of a suprise when he did! But this post is meant for helping Salman Taseer's family to think of a way to get the best revenge!

Current Scenario:

Mumtaz Qadri is cheered by all so called fanatics around the country! And sad part is the numbers account for more 80% of this country's population who rather feel happy to see the death of Mr Salman Taseer. Just because of an utter confusion created by Ulemas not ulemas exactly, fanatics!

Solution to prove Salman Taseer's view point:

Religious fanatics always have found ways to exploit their propaganda's by their deaths or as said martyrdom's!
only then these so called religious fanatics of modern nay would feel sorry for their brutal nature!

Our modern day Mullah's are severe extremists who have forgotten their original religion. I remember late Taseer stood up for a feeble lady when all Mullah's were hunting her like blood thirsty hounds! He got assassinated because of such strong stance but does that mean we need to repeat history again, if the family of late Taseer decided to forgive Mumtaz Qadri today it'd none the less mean gallows for religious extremism in Pakistan. I know it'd be a hard decision but in case it's not taken Qadri will become a Super Hero in our school books and the Hero will be declared a blasphemist.
The recent kidnap of Shahbaz Taseer might also be linked with this case as the kidnappers might inflict brutality at him as the after shocks of this case.
The cause of Taseer was to spread peace and the release of Qadri would make the militant mullah's ashamed. They're almost ready to make his shrine and worship him. It is the need of the hour not to let this apartheid happen.
Only this way, Late Taseer's jihad for peace and forgiveness will prevail. May Allah guide his family to take right decision (Ameen).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disrupted Heart

Perhaps these're some times in one's
life when one feels disrupted by
someone who disrupts your feelings.
Same case happens with everyone to
some extent. Feelings and hopes that
are once lost and then cherished forever to bring a positive outcome in
one's life. I'm more of a confused
person by one's attitude than less
confused. But by means of wisdom and
changes in someone's state of mind
there's more of a new thing! Which cause utmost tension.
Perhaps same is the case with me but
one that loves the world gets more
desired hate than any love expected.
I'm more than normal these days cause
advancement in one's life may lead to disturbance in others as jealousy is one
of the most prevalent things in my
view! It still exists and it still causes
burns in hearts of the diseased. The
only thing is to create more of a
patience than a fuss and it's too much of a difficult thing to do! Too much

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In times of reality!

Lets face this common fact! People change, hearts change, soul's might even change but nature? It's impossible for the man to change it. My recent experience with a change in nature really left me enthralled, confused and broken.
What do some people want in a person? That they should care for them? Done that. That they should sacrifice everything for them? Done that. That they should love them more than anything else? Done that. What do one demands in return? Change your nature and answer remains nil.
Love isn't even sufficient to change nature for some people. True love too cause love is based on loving others soul that includes their nature too but it's still impossible for one to do that for one's lover.
"Love is a sweet sorrow" that's what i always heard from others! Yup! True as it seems but it's never ever sweet it's really sorrowful and gloomy if it remains one sided. And in case it's horizon expands to two sided and still one faces disappointment it leads to severe consequences!
Admit that thing that if one doesn't like you from the start you can't change one's nature! You can turn that person on for you but you can't change his or her nature cause it's "the rule of nature" and it can't be changed.
For those who're facing nature clash, One sincere advice "leave it"
Move on on a rapid note'

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Assumptious People! A difficult Species to deal with!

I remember once reading a text which goes like this
"Sometimes people are so assumptious,
You try to be sweet but they interpret as flirting,
You try to be nice, they think you want something in return,
You try to make them smile, but they start thinking that you're annoying,
You try to be comfortable and confident but they start thinking that you're a feeler and arrogant,
In such an assumptious world, no wonder it's so difficult to love and to live"
This message really touched my senses! And in fact it's one of those facts of life which are yet to be understood by a brain who isn't known to such an assumptious or i may say an evil or negatively thinking side of the world. This problem isn't just confined to a few people in the world. It's a collective type of negative thinking that effects not only a specific people but the whole world.
I recall one incident in which someone assumed the same things about me and when i knew that i really started to feel ashamed of knowing such ill minded people. This world isn't meant for love now! Only narrow minded so called liberalists show such behaviour these days! No need to do good to anyone now man, cause it's not worth it! Not worth it. I still wonder if that specific assumptious person would read this post he'd start feeling that it is also meant for that person. Although it's a symbolic representation of assumptious nature of the world. It even refers to me!
What the need of the hour right now is to create a sense of social awareness among people that Good Still Remains In This Side Of The World. You just need to search for it yourself. Or else good people will keep on getting heartrendered cause of such bad assumptions about them. The fact is that the evil has even spread it's feathers in our part of the society and even those people doing good aren't allowed to do their work cause they get afraid of the outcomes of the good deeds!
In short good job assumptious people. You're bringing social workers and kind hearted people at the verge of extinction cause of your assumptions! Ashamed???
Yes you should be!

Monday, April 11, 2011

When one gets broken!!!

A new thought in the life of those who want to change their life for someone else "Give it a go, they ain't worth it".
Pains suffered during hours of distress feel real hard. "Support" that's the word which is required in action in difficult times! And when it's not given by someone whom you trust upon it hurts, it hurts a lot!
But a new beginning is always expected. Sometimes you find such people in your life whom you find difficult to deal with, mindsets don't match but still you want to associate yourself with them!
But it's always a failure when you give it a try! I've tried passing but failed miserably once! Although i'm not one of those who accept defeat easily however when it comes to human feelings, it can't be possible. Atleast not in my view.
I'm going through a critical analysis of this world concerning Paulo Coelho's perception. Hope is normally lost when you get broken from inside. And i know i'm shattered from inside. But real strength comes from those who're not demanding. They only demand your love and smile and that's what really proves to be affectionable for you' some people have heart made of stones, you can't break em, can't penetrate em! Cause they ain't worth it.
In the long run, i've learnt only one thing" Love, care and respect only those who give these things in return, and those who don't leave them for eternity"
Success will be yours! It'll be

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cause Experience Say's so!

Things one learns from life:
1. Never care for anyone more than
you and your family cause everyone
care's for itself.
2. Don't take rude people seriously
cause they're not meant to be serious.
3. Never say sorry to a person whom you never did wrong yourself.
4. Don't get emotional in front of
emotionless stones.
5. Care for your parents and family
cause in the end it's only they who
worry for you'
6. Leave the chocolate friends and start
making those who stand like
7. Some people are like time bores who
get bored with you with time, it's better
to forget them with time.
8. When you think you've done much
to break the gap and still nothing
happens leave trying.
9. Don't take any literal relation
seriously. You'll get hurt in the end if
you do so.
10. Some people like playing with your
heart. Seal it for them once you tried to
get them on your side.
11. Forget those bad moments and try to make new one's by not even taking a peek at such disgraced personalities!
Warning:All these posts are based on personal experiences and any relationship to an incident happening whether living or dead is purely incidental.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need for a Change!!!

What happens when you feel it's dire need for a change and change is still far far away from your side! You need a change, it's hidden inside yourself, you need to reveal it. But yet you feel incomplete, inconsolable yes, i'm gettin more or less but definitely a part of it.
Once there was a time when you felt this world is gonna be incomplete without you and you start feeling incomplete without the world this moment. I'm in one of those phases of my life when even a small change can drive yourself or the whole world crazy'
Of course i'm not in my senses right now! But senseless that's not my nick, we need a change but a positive one and it's hard to bring on the face of the world. My feelings are really hard to be expressed but yet they are stil present and i love expressing them.
They can be Memoirs of someone in upcoming years! Hope they get revealed at a due time. I'm lonely at it's best right now but still i'm longing for a change and change is what i desire! And i'll definitely bring one if i continue to be in my senses! Hope that i remain in them! Let's hope so!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Changing Terminology!

Perhaps one thing sometimes pushes you the most and you know you're sort of crossing all lines but your personal story becomes a difficult thing to handle when you're dealing with such situations! Situations arise everywhere! Some people push you, others try to keep you at the back. Some give sincere ideas others give big flops! No idea when you get tensed what to do what not to do!
Perhaps at that time one has a friend on which he could count on! On which he has faith on which he can always feel continued support! And in my heart i know there is someone who knows Farhan Virk well. Atleast i really do think and it's fine. Me sleepy! Bye world.
Will see ya!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My feelings on 21/1/2011:

Perhaps i've done so many things that it becomes rather impossible for me to judge someone's feelings! I'm not a normal person. I'm not like others! These questions still tease me. The boy besides me supports me. Everyone is like a big fan but perhaps, fate is taking my examination! What appeared to be a great joke lies like a reality infront of me! It's not an ordinary feeling, it's a feeling as if someone is trying to control my heart. Should i stay silent or should i speak? Should i lie idle or should i stand up and do something?
Perhaps i got many options in front of me but it becomes difficult to decide most of the time! It's similar to a black shadow trying to gather my control. If my friend Azhar was here with me as my supporter as my bro, if my bro umar,ahsan, husham etc were with me! Things would have been different but i'm feeling lonely because of this situation , emptiness and perhaps lazyness too. Perhaps i'm missing my old friends! Perhaps i'm missing my new friends! Too deep to think of it and so harsh to leave it! Consensus isn't write but i've got some followers and that makes me feel better. Sadness coming out of my words! Will have to let you tolerate. I'm gonna sleep and pray for something good.
Help me! Allah