Thursday, January 20, 2011

My feelings on 21/1/2011:

Perhaps i've done so many things that it becomes rather impossible for me to judge someone's feelings! I'm not a normal person. I'm not like others! These questions still tease me. The boy besides me supports me. Everyone is like a big fan but perhaps, fate is taking my examination! What appeared to be a great joke lies like a reality infront of me! It's not an ordinary feeling, it's a feeling as if someone is trying to control my heart. Should i stay silent or should i speak? Should i lie idle or should i stand up and do something?
Perhaps i got many options in front of me but it becomes difficult to decide most of the time! It's similar to a black shadow trying to gather my control. If my friend Azhar was here with me as my supporter as my bro, if my bro umar,ahsan, husham etc were with me! Things would have been different but i'm feeling lonely because of this situation , emptiness and perhaps lazyness too. Perhaps i'm missing my old friends! Perhaps i'm missing my new friends! Too deep to think of it and so harsh to leave it! Consensus isn't write but i've got some followers and that makes me feel better. Sadness coming out of my words! Will have to let you tolerate. I'm gonna sleep and pray for something good.
Help me! Allah

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