Friday, July 18, 2014

"A journey through the landscapes of Neelam Valley, Crown of Azad Kashmir"

Neelam Valley (also spelled Neelum Valley) (Urduوادیِ نیلم ‎) is a 200 km long bow-shaped deeply forested region in Azad KashmirPakistan
also known as the land of flowers

The valley is situated in the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above sea level.

The valley possesses scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelam river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings.

In Neelam valley there are dozens of beautiful and historical places, Sharda Peeth is one of the most beautiful and historical place in Neelam valley. It is also said to be the oldest university of Asia.
Kundal Shahi: The village is located 74 kilometers (46 mi) from Muzaffarabad on the bank of Neelam River.

Athmuqam: The chief town of valley located about 84 kilometres from Muzaffarabad. It is the headquarters of Neelum District. All the basic necessities of life are available there. Hotels, rest houses, market, post office, banks, hospitals, and telephone exchanges are also present.

Kutton: Also known as Jagran Valley, is a village and tourist resort located 82 kilometers (51 mi) from Muzaffarabad and 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from Kundal Shahi on the bank of Jagran steam. Rest houses of AJK Tourism Department and WAPDA are located here. Some private rest houses and hotels are also available here for tourists stay.

Toli Peer
Dadaralli Pass: Dadaralli pass is located at a whooping altitude of 16500 feet

Keran: 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) ahead from Athmuqam Keran resort is located on the bank of Neelam river at the altitude of 1,524 meters (5,000 ft)

Dowarian: It located 106 kilometers (66 mi) from Muzaffarabad and 22 kilometers (14 mi) from Athmuqam on the bank of Neelam River at the altitude of 1,615 meters (5,299 ft). A rest house of AJK Tourism Department located here for tourists stay. It is the base camp to Ratti Gali Lake.

Dudhnial: It is a very famous and beautiful town of Neelum Valley. There is a government college, Girls high school and Hospital and other government offices. There are many shops and restaurants. Private rest houses facility is also available

Sharda: One of the beautiful spots of the Neelum valley located on the banks of the Neelum river at an altitude of 1,981 meters (6,499 ft), about 136 kilometers (85 mi) from Muzaffarabad.

Kel: The most beautiful village of the valley located 19 kilometers (12 mi) ahead from Sharda at the altitude of 6,879 feet (2,097 m). Few private hotels and a rest house of AJK Tourism Department located there for tourists stay. Its also has bank, college, hospital and market.

Arang Kel: A village and tourist spot located on the hill top near Kel at the altitude of 8,379 feet (2,554 m) feet. It is accessible by a 2 kilometers (1.2 mi) trek from Kel.

Taobat: The last station of the valley. It is 200 kilometers (120 mi) from Muzaffarabad and 39 kilometers (24 mi) away from Kel. A tourist motel of AJK Tourism Department and few private hotel with basic facilities located here for tourists stay.there you can see beauty of nature at its peak. Locals are very hospitable and will treat you like their own family member. one thing that i personally did not like there was that women were supposed to do each and every work not only inside their home but also out side of it. as mentioned earlier that Taobat is the last settlement of this valley, you can get local jeeps that are too old but too good and suitable for that remote area.those jeeps will carry you straight way to Muzaffer Abad. during this journey it will amuse you with natural scenic beauty of the area and locals.

In winter, the whole Neelam Valley cloaks in white pearlish snow
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