Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disrupted Heart

Perhaps these're some times in one's
life when one feels disrupted by
someone who disrupts your feelings.
Same case happens with everyone to
some extent. Feelings and hopes that
are once lost and then cherished forever to bring a positive outcome in
one's life. I'm more of a confused
person by one's attitude than less
confused. But by means of wisdom and
changes in someone's state of mind
there's more of a new thing! Which cause utmost tension.
Perhaps same is the case with me but
one that loves the world gets more
desired hate than any love expected.
I'm more than normal these days cause
advancement in one's life may lead to disturbance in others as jealousy is one
of the most prevalent things in my
view! It still exists and it still causes
burns in hearts of the diseased. The
only thing is to create more of a
patience than a fuss and it's too much of a difficult thing to do! Too much

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