Thursday, June 9, 2011

In times of reality!

Lets face this common fact! People change, hearts change, soul's might even change but nature? It's impossible for the man to change it. My recent experience with a change in nature really left me enthralled, confused and broken.
What do some people want in a person? That they should care for them? Done that. That they should sacrifice everything for them? Done that. That they should love them more than anything else? Done that. What do one demands in return? Change your nature and answer remains nil.
Love isn't even sufficient to change nature for some people. True love too cause love is based on loving others soul that includes their nature too but it's still impossible for one to do that for one's lover.
"Love is a sweet sorrow" that's what i always heard from others! Yup! True as it seems but it's never ever sweet it's really sorrowful and gloomy if it remains one sided. And in case it's horizon expands to two sided and still one faces disappointment it leads to severe consequences!
Admit that thing that if one doesn't like you from the start you can't change one's nature! You can turn that person on for you but you can't change his or her nature cause it's "the rule of nature" and it can't be changed.
For those who're facing nature clash, One sincere advice "leave it"
Move on on a rapid note'

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