Saturday, April 23, 2011

Assumptious People! A difficult Species to deal with!

I remember once reading a text which goes like this
"Sometimes people are so assumptious,
You try to be sweet but they interpret as flirting,
You try to be nice, they think you want something in return,
You try to make them smile, but they start thinking that you're annoying,
You try to be comfortable and confident but they start thinking that you're a feeler and arrogant,
In such an assumptious world, no wonder it's so difficult to love and to live"
This message really touched my senses! And in fact it's one of those facts of life which are yet to be understood by a brain who isn't known to such an assumptious or i may say an evil or negatively thinking side of the world. This problem isn't just confined to a few people in the world. It's a collective type of negative thinking that effects not only a specific people but the whole world.
I recall one incident in which someone assumed the same things about me and when i knew that i really started to feel ashamed of knowing such ill minded people. This world isn't meant for love now! Only narrow minded so called liberalists show such behaviour these days! No need to do good to anyone now man, cause it's not worth it! Not worth it. I still wonder if that specific assumptious person would read this post he'd start feeling that it is also meant for that person. Although it's a symbolic representation of assumptious nature of the world. It even refers to me!
What the need of the hour right now is to create a sense of social awareness among people that Good Still Remains In This Side Of The World. You just need to search for it yourself. Or else good people will keep on getting heartrendered cause of such bad assumptions about them. The fact is that the evil has even spread it's feathers in our part of the society and even those people doing good aren't allowed to do their work cause they get afraid of the outcomes of the good deeds!
In short good job assumptious people. You're bringing social workers and kind hearted people at the verge of extinction cause of your assumptions! Ashamed???
Yes you should be!

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