Friday, April 8, 2011

Cause Experience Say's so!

Things one learns from life:
1. Never care for anyone more than
you and your family cause everyone
care's for itself.
2. Don't take rude people seriously
cause they're not meant to be serious.
3. Never say sorry to a person whom you never did wrong yourself.
4. Don't get emotional in front of
emotionless stones.
5. Care for your parents and family
cause in the end it's only they who
worry for you'
6. Leave the chocolate friends and start
making those who stand like
7. Some people are like time bores who
get bored with you with time, it's better
to forget them with time.
8. When you think you've done much
to break the gap and still nothing
happens leave trying.
9. Don't take any literal relation
seriously. You'll get hurt in the end if
you do so.
10. Some people like playing with your
heart. Seal it for them once you tried to
get them on your side.
11. Forget those bad moments and try to make new one's by not even taking a peek at such disgraced personalities!
Warning:All these posts are based on personal experiences and any relationship to an incident happening whether living or dead is purely incidental.

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