Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need for a Change!!!

What happens when you feel it's dire need for a change and change is still far far away from your side! You need a change, it's hidden inside yourself, you need to reveal it. But yet you feel incomplete, inconsolable yes, i'm gettin more or less but definitely a part of it.
Once there was a time when you felt this world is gonna be incomplete without you and you start feeling incomplete without the world this moment. I'm in one of those phases of my life when even a small change can drive yourself or the whole world crazy'
Of course i'm not in my senses right now! But senseless that's not my nick, we need a change but a positive one and it's hard to bring on the face of the world. My feelings are really hard to be expressed but yet they are stil present and i love expressing them.
They can be Memoirs of someone in upcoming years! Hope they get revealed at a due time. I'm lonely at it's best right now but still i'm longing for a change and change is what i desire! And i'll definitely bring one if i continue to be in my senses! Hope that i remain in them! Let's hope so!

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