Monday, April 11, 2011

When one gets broken!!!

A new thought in the life of those who want to change their life for someone else "Give it a go, they ain't worth it".
Pains suffered during hours of distress feel real hard. "Support" that's the word which is required in action in difficult times! And when it's not given by someone whom you trust upon it hurts, it hurts a lot!
But a new beginning is always expected. Sometimes you find such people in your life whom you find difficult to deal with, mindsets don't match but still you want to associate yourself with them!
But it's always a failure when you give it a try! I've tried passing but failed miserably once! Although i'm not one of those who accept defeat easily however when it comes to human feelings, it can't be possible. Atleast not in my view.
I'm going through a critical analysis of this world concerning Paulo Coelho's perception. Hope is normally lost when you get broken from inside. And i know i'm shattered from inside. But real strength comes from those who're not demanding. They only demand your love and smile and that's what really proves to be affectionable for you' some people have heart made of stones, you can't break em, can't penetrate em! Cause they ain't worth it.
In the long run, i've learnt only one thing" Love, care and respect only those who give these things in return, and those who don't leave them for eternity"
Success will be yours! It'll be

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